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Welcome to Chaitanya Hospital & Nursing Home

Chaitanya Hospital & Nursing Home is dedicated towards disability free India since last 15 years and till now Thousands of peoples from India and outside India are enjoying much better quality of life and providing their contribution to society. We provide a ray of hope to people who have lost the hope from their life due to chronic intractable diseases.

We are providing comprehensive medical treatment which includes many modalities of treatments, aimed towards maximum improvements and steady rehabilitation of our patients.

Chaitanya Hospital & Nursing Home is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment Neurological, Kidney, Liver, Endocrinal disease and many untreatable disease patients with information about Regenerative at Pune India.

The main objective of the Chaitanya Hospital is to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation of disabled children including medical, social, vocational, occupational rehabilitation. It is dedicated to the welfare of disabled specially polio and [cerebral palsy] children. It Provides free of cost treatment to disabled children of poor and rural section. Society has launched POLIO DEFORMITY ERADICATION PROGRAME, aimed at making Maharashtra polio and polio deformity free.

Our Core Services

Orthopaedic Services

Chaitanya Hospital Has An Experienced Team Of Orthopaedic Surgeons And Specialists To Treat Musculoskeletal Injuries And Diseases. From Broken Bones To Joint Replacements To Complex Spine Problems, We Offer Advanced Technology, Medical Expertise And Compassionate Care,

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The specialty of Urology focuses on the urinary system for both Men and Women, as well as the male reproductive system and genitals. Our doctors are experts in diagnosing and caring for patients with common as well as rare and complex urologic diseases in children and adults. We offer comprehensive,

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Emergency & Trauma Care

Fully-equipped air-conditioned, modular ambulance with ventilators, monitors, oxygen, defibrillators, ambu-bags, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, spine board, life-saving drugs, doctor and trained paramedics, capable of handling any emergency, anytime, anywhere following international protocols.

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Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services facilitates the provision of timely, cost-effective, and high quality diagnostic care in safe and secure environments. It includes the clinical services of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Radiology,

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Neurology & Neurosurgery

The Centre of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Chaitanya Hospital, is one of the most advanced Neuroscience centers in the region. The Centre is manned by a highly qualified team of neurologists,

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Laproscopy is a type of surgery. It is used to detect and treat many health problems. Over the past 20 years, laparoscopy has become fairly common. It often can be performed as an out-patient procedure.

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Day Care Center

Day-Care centre cater to the patients undergoing surgeries and procedures that do not require overnight stay in the hospital. The department is manned with a team of highly skilled and experienced nurses.
The day-care department is open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Admission into Daycare is done only on doctor’s advice.

Dialysis Centre

The Dialysis Unit is situated at ICU Section & it functions round the clock for patient care. On an average 4-6 dialysis are performed everyday. A team of well-known Nephrologists and nursing staff look after this department. Asepsis is strictly maintained and monitored.
For appointments kindly contact on
020-24329666, +91-8087-799-091

24 X 7 Emergency Ambulance

State-of-the-art Ambulances at our hospital are equipped to handle most complex emergencies and are available to our patients 24 hrs of the day and night. These ambulances carry as standard equipment, a ventilator, a Defibrillator, Oxygen and all the other life saving drugs. Staff manning these ambulances are well trained in managing emergencies.